Holiday Message 2017/2018

Hello, everybody.

My 7-year-old grandson said, “Is this life?” and “Time passes so quickly.” He is an old soul.

Time has flown by to yet another Christmas where I lie on the couch and watch the Christmas tree lights and think how blessed I have been. I think of those, such as you, I have been so fortunate to have had in my life.

A dear childhood friend called me yesterday because he was concerned about the California fires. I assured him we were fine. . . but so many have suffered and lost so much. It is heartbreaking.

I told my West Virginian boyhood friend that I hoped to get back his way in the near future. He said, “Don’t wait too long. We’re getting old.”

To all of you. . . . Let’s not wait too long. . . . May we see each other and laugh together in the near future. . . . We have to organize a gathering.

My love to all of you.


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