Notes Remembrance

John Callahan

Falcon Crest cast photo. L-R standing: Brett Cullen, Ana Alicia, Lorenzo Lamas, David Selby, Susan Sullivan, John Callahan, Dana Sparks. L-R seated: Margaret Ladd, Jane Wyman.

An old friend of mine and fellow actor, John Callahan, left this world a couple of days ago. John and I had not seen each other in decades. No reason… other than actors go on with their own lives and to wherever the next job takes them.

John was a very good actor. We very much enjoyed working together. We had a good time. Audiences appreciated his craft, but it was his big warm smile and heart that won them over. His smile and heart will always be with me.

Take care my friend.

David Selby


COVID-19 Pandemic

Dear all,

What times we are living through or attempting to. Just want to say please take care of yourselves. It is an easy thing to say. I know. We all have loved ones to look after, take care of. Some of you have jobs that may be threatened or are gone. Your health could be compromised. As we all know, fear of the unknown requires us to stay strong, to stay close to our loved ones.

Perhaps I am reaching out to you because I don’t know what else to do. In some ways, I feel useless. I confess to being angry with what is going on. But anger will do no good.

I wish I could reach out and touch, hug, each of you and tell you how grateful I am that you are there, knowing that you will never, ever, give up. I am with you, each of you.

My love,