Holiday Notes

Holiday Message 2021/2022

My love and blessings to all.

So many of you have reached out to me over the years and I only wish I could thank each one of you personally. But I trust you all know how much you have meant to me over these many years.

In a time when our country is very fragile, it is important that we stay together, support each other, and love each other. I look forward to the day when many of us, perhaps, can gather together. . . and dare I say. . . laugh together.

You’ll have to excuse me. . . . These times are emotional. . . as they are for many of us.

Bless you all. . . . Hey. . . . Thinking of you all. . . while smiling my love and gratefulness.



A Mountaintop Experience

Without love there is no life.
Like an actor without a role.
A good play, like love, thrills and moves with
the intense clarity, lightness, and inspiring awe
of a mountaintop experience.
It is a pilgrimage, fielded with greens,
ripe berries, and clear water, out of
the avenue of self to a place of unity,
where ego is sacrificed for relationship,
where the funniest, even the strangest things
seem to be happening, a place even where
there are no words,
only a depth of solitude.
that moment for actor and audience
is forever theirs.
Feeling safe and secure in this
enchanted secret garden, they knew
what they wanted, understood that in
each other you are one, grounded,
most centered, at peace, at home-
not settling down, but seeking life,
building a place together, not enclosing,
rather a refuge, where you can
touch, and hold, and know
each other – even when apart.
Theatre’s light of love has reached out,
touching, bringing audience and actor
within it’s warm glow,
renewing their faith and confidence
in a future, providing hope for their
frustrations, doubts, and despairs.
The darkness of the soul, stilled
by the theatre’s light of love.

Thank you for taking me to the mountaintop.
Thank you for your gift of love.

Each of you, in the best
Sense, is an extension of who
and what each of us is. It is this
connection that leads to wholeness
not only as individuals, but also as family.

Notes Remembrance

Ed Asner

Ed Asner

What a wonderful actor and dear man he was.