Holiday Message 2017/2018

Hello, everybody.

My 7-year-old grandson said, “Is this life?” and “Time passes so quickly.” He is an old soul.

Time has flown by to yet another Christmas where I lie on the couch and watch the Christmas tree lights and think how blessed I have been. I think of those, such as you, I have been so fortunate to have had in my life.

A dear childhood friend called me yesterday because he was concerned about the California fires. I assured him we were fine. . . but so many have suffered and lost so much. It is heartbreaking.

I told my West Virginian boyhood friend that I hoped to get back his way in the near future. He said, “Don’t wait too long. We’re getting old.”

To all of you. . . . Let’s not wait too long. . . . May we see each other and laugh together in the near future. . . . We have to organize a gathering.

My love to all of you.


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Legion premieres on FX at 10 PM ET on Wednesday, February 8, 2017


Legion is airing on FX on Feb. 8th. It is not to be missed.

Am proud to have been a part of it . . .in only 3 episodes (out of 8) but what a delight it was. Such care was taken on both sides of the camera.

I feel confident that you will be very pleased.

My best to all,




Webmaster’s Note: The 90-minute premiere episode of Legion airs on FX at 10 PM ET on Wednesday, February 8, 2017. For information about repeat broadcasts, please see the Air Dates page of the site. Additional information about the series, including a television spot featuring David, is on the News page.

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New Year’s Message 2016/2017

To all, a wonderful new year.

I wish I could express how much you all have meant to me over the years. I tried to do it with the poem – “A White Picket Fence.”

It is my wish that I will get to see many of you in the new year.

My love,

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