Reflections on The Heavens Are Hung in Black and Obama’s Inauguration

Some reflections on doing the play and being in Washington during President Obama’s inauguration . . .

The stars seemed to line up. Getting to play Lincoln in a thoughtful and moving play by James Still about conscience and heartache and the issue of slavery was a privilege. Continue reading

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2008 Thanksgiving Message

Happy Thanksgiving all.

These are troubled times that seem as vast as the sky and as unreachable as the the farthest star. But we can all help by reaching out to those in need. Suppose we are being tested.

Here is wishing to all of you: may you find the time to gather with loved ones, hug each other and trust — for what else can we do — that better times are ahead.


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Comments on the 2008 Presidential Election

When integration came to Morgantown Junior High, I knew my life had been enriched. To my good fortune, a young African-American, Charles Blue, and I were placed in the same eighth-grade homeroom. That year, “Chuck” led our homeroom to the eighth-grade championship in all-around sports. Best of all, I had gained a dear, honorable friend for life. Another African-American, Charolotte Johnson, tried out for cheerleader that year. Her “try-out” was a song and dance number that went something like . . . “Strawberry shortcake, huckleberry pie, let’s all cheer for Morgantown Junior High.” She won in a landslide. Charolotte’s wonderful innocent spirit infected all students and teachers who were fortunate to see her “try-out” that day. Continue reading

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