2010/2011 Holiday Message

To all who tune into this address beautifully landscaped by Brigid, if you have any ideas you wish to discuss, send them along.

In these trying times for so many, may they get their act together in Washington — stop the you said this and I said that — and get something done that moves this country forward, that helps our children get the educations they need for these times and tomorrow’s times. Hats off to Bill Gates and his wife (so well-spoken and sharp she is) for putting the resources behind an educational effort to put America back together. A standing ovation to all like Warren Buffet, who is helping to persuade those on the high end to give more of their money away, and to so many we don’t read about in every community across this country who help out however they can. Continue reading

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New Play, Books

Hello friends,

My Shadowed Past

My Shadowed Past by David Selby

It has been so long and yet it doesn’t seem possible that it has been over a year since the Lincoln play in D.C. Just got back from there where I took part in a panel discussion on Lincoln at the Smithsonian. It was good and informative. We had a full house. Met with Ford’s Theatre about another play, but it’s still a ways off. On to NY to see some plays, etc. Soon will be off to a festival back east to read from some new work and hear a new play I’ve written,  An Appalachia Tragedy. Continue reading

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Reflections on The Heavens Are Hung in Black and Obama’s Inauguration

Some reflections on doing the play and being in Washington during President Obama’s inauguration . . .

The stars seemed to line up. Getting to play Lincoln in a thoughtful and moving play by James Still about conscience and heartache and the issue of slavery was a privilege. Continue reading

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