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Upcoming Appearances and Projects

A Delicate Balance

A Delicate Balance

David Selby reunites with his Falcon Crest co-star Susan Sullivan in a production of Edward Albee's A Delicate Balance at the Odyssey Theatre in Los Angeles, California. The play is directed by Robin Larsen.

A Delicate Balance
premiered in 1966, and Albee received the first of his three Pulitzer Prizes for this play. Upper-middle-class couple Agnes and Tobias and Agnes' sister Claire find their lives disrupted by the arrival of unexpected guests. Susan and David portray Agnes and Tobias.

The play is scheduled to open on April 26 and close on June 15. Tickets are now available online.
The Odyssey Theatre
2055 South Sepulveda Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90025
Box Office: 310-477-2055 ext. 2

Win tickets to see A Delicate Balance, starring David Selby and Susan Sullivan, opening April 26th at the Odyssey Theatre Ensemble! Email ALBEE to boxoffice@odysseytheatre.com to enter.

David and Susan previously appeared together on stage in a performance of A. R. Gurney's Love Letters at the Apollo Theatre in Martinsburg, West Virginia in October 2003.

2014 Dark Shadows Festival Weekend

The 2014 Dark Shadows Festival Weekend will be held on June 28 and 29 in Tarrytown, New York. David Selby plans to attend. Other original series cast members on the guest list include Lara Parker, Kathryn Leigh Scott, John Karlen, Nancy Barrett, James Storm, and Marie Wallace. (Please note that appearances are subject to change due to professional and personal commitments.)

The festivities begin on Saturday, June 28, at Lyndhurst, the home used as Collinwood in the first two Dark Shadows films, House of Dark Shadows and Night of Dark Shadows. David will be presenting a musical tribute to the fans accompanied by his wife, Chip, on piano and by James Storm on guitar.

On Sunday, June 29, events move to the DoubleTree Tarrytown Hotel. The day begins with a luncheon with the Dark Shadows actors and concludes with autographs.

For a more detailed description of the festivities along with accommodation and registration information, please visit the Dark Shadows Festival web site. 

You Are Here

David Selby will appear in You Are Here. The feature film directorial debut of Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner, You Are Here focuses on childhood buddies who return home when one of them inherits a large sum of money upon the death of his estranged father. You Are Here stars Melissa Rauch, Zach Galifianakis, Owen Wilson, and Amy Poehler.


New Releases

Raise the Titanic Blu-ray/DVD Combo PackRaise the Titanic on Blu-ray

In 1980, David Selby appeared alongside Anne Archer, Jason Robards, and Richard Jordan in Raise the Titanic, a big screen adaptation of the novel by Clive Cussler. Raise the Titanic tells the story of the race between American and Soviet teams to raise the famous ocean liner after it is discovered that the ship may contain a material of some use in the Cold War. Richard Jordan portrays Cussler's hero, Dirk Pitt. David Selby is scientist Gene Seagram.

This marks the first time that the movie will receive its own individual release in any Region 1 DVD format. Previously, it had been available on a double-feature DVD with Man Friday, starring Peter O'Toole and Richard Roundtree. This is also the first Blu-ray format release for the film.

Raise the Titanic was released in a Region 1 Blu-ray/DVD combo pack from Shout! Factory on January 21, 2014. It is currently available for order through online retailers such as Amazon.

Dark Shadows: Wolf Moon RisingDark Shadows: Wolf Moon Rising by Lara Parker

The latest Dark Shadows novel by Lara Parker, who portrayed Angelique the witch in the original ABC television series, focuses on David Selby's character, Quentin Collins. He is featured prominently in the book's cover art.

Dark Shadows: Wolf Moon Rising was released on August 20, 2013 from Tor Books. It is available to order from Amazon.

Lara Parker is making several personal appearances to promote the new novel. Please visit her web site for the latest information about book signings.

Here's the synopsis from the publisher:

The first all-new Dark Shadows novel in years, written by Lara Parker, one of the stars of the cult classic TV show!

When a portrait is lost that has maintained Quentin Collins’s youthful appearance for over a century—and has also kept his werewolf curse at bay—Quentin begins to dread the full moon.

Meanwhile, David, the sixteen-year-old heir to the Collins fortune, has fallen in love with Jacqueline, a young girl living at the Old House who is the reincarnation of Angelique. David and Jacqueline are swept back in time to the prohibition era of the Twenties, where David uncovers the dark secrets of the Collins family history.

Most threatening of all, Dr. Nathanial Blair, an expert in the paranormal, has come to Collinwood because he suspects they are harboring a vampire. Fortunately, Barnabas Collins has returned to his coffin after a disastrous flirtation with life as a human. Nevertheless, what Blair discovers places the entire Collins family in jeopardy.

Falcon Crest: The Complete Third Season

Falcon Crest: The Complete Third Season: Part OneFalcon Crest: The Complete Third Season: Part TwoThe WB Shop is now accepting orders for Falcon Crest: The Complete Third Season. This is a Region 1 MOD (manufacture on demand) DVD release featuring all 28 episodes from the third season.

The Complete First Season and Complete Second Season are both already available on Region 1 DVD from the WB Shop. (David joined the series at the beginning of the second season.)

If you're an Amazon shopper, you can find both the Complete First Season and Complete Second Season on Region 1 DVD from Amazon. The Complete Third Season is now available via Amazon.

For the latest information on Falcon Crest DVD releases in other regions and countries, the best resource is the German Falcon Crest Fan Club site.

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Parts 1 and 2

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Pts. 1 & 2David Selby lends his voice to the animated adaptation of Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns.

Peter Weller stars as Batman/Bruce Wayne with Ariel Winter as Robin, Wade Williams as Harvey Dent/Two-Face, Michael McKean as Dr. Wolper, Michael Emerson as the Joker, Mark Valley as Superman, and David Selby as Commissioner Gordon.

The Dark Knight Returns features a 55-year-old Bruce Wayne/Batman who partners with a female Robin to save Gotham City once again.

Miller's four-part graphic novel is split into two animated features, Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Part 1 and Part 2.

The first part was released on DVD and Blu-ray on September 25, 2012. (The hyperlinks will take you to Amazon. It is also available online via WBshop.com.)

The second part was released January 29, 2013 release on DVD and Blu-ray. (The hyperlinks will take you to Amazon. It is also available online via WBshop.com.)

A special deluxe edition release features both films. It was released on October 8, 2013. Amazon is currently accepting orders. WBshop.com is also accepting orders.

David discussed playing the role of Commissioner Gordon in a Q & A following his initial recording sessions. Visit the film's Facebook page for video clips, images, and interviews.

New Dark Shadows Audio Dramas from Big Finish

Dark Shadows: The Creeping FogDavid continues to reprise the role of Quentin Collins in Big Finish's ongoing series of new Dark Shadows audio dramas.

A Collinwood Christmas features Jamison Selby, David's son, portraying the Dark Shadows character for whom he was named, Jamison Collins.

The Haunted Refrain, by Aaron Lamont, features Quentin Collins trying to find his lost love Amanda Harris in 1969. Barb and Grant, who have just moved into a house in Portland, Maine, discover a gramophone in their attic. When Barb begins to use it, she hears voices calling out to her.

(Click the links above to visit the Big Finish site and listen to trailers from the various productions.)


Recent Appearances and Projects

Rizzoli & Isles

Rizzoli & IslesDavid Selby made a guest appearance in the fourth season of the TNT drama Rizzoli & Isles, starring Angie Harmon and Sasha Alexander. The episode was titled "We Are Family," and it was the first episode of the season. It premiered on Tuesday, June 25, at 9 PM ET/PT.

David previously appeared alongside Angie Harmon in End Game in 2009.

Screen captures from the episode appear in the Photo Gallery.

More information about Rizzoli & Isles:



West Virginia Sesquicentennial

The state of West Virginia celebrated its 150th birthday on June 20, 2013. A number of events were held throughout the state to mark the sesquicentennial.

The Civil WarThe Charleston Light Opera Guild Presents The Civil War

On June 20-23, 2013, the Charleston Light Opera Guild presented The Civil War at the West Virginia Culture Center Theater in Charleston. The monologues of Abraham Lincoln were voiced by David Selby. This event was also part of Charleston's annual FestivALL celebration.

The Thursday, June 20 performance marking West Virginia Day was free to the public, and David appeared in person at this performance only.

More information about The Civil War:

West Virginia Symphony and Appalachian Children's Chorus

David Selby joined the West Virginia Symphony to perform Aaron Copland's Lincoln Portrait at performances marking the West Virginia Sesquicentennial.

On Thursday, June 20, at 7:30 PM, a concert was held on the Capitol lawn in Charleston. This event was free and open to the public.

On Friday, June 21, at 7:30 PM, a concert was held at the West Virginia State Fairgrounds in Fairlea. This event was free and open to the public.


Dark Shadows Island Weekend

Dark Shadows Island Weekend

David Selby participated in the Dark Shadows Festival's Dark Shadows Island Weekend to held April 27-28, 2013 in the San Diego area.

The event took place over two days in two different locations.

On Saturday, April 27, a premiere event was held at the Coronado Village Theatre for Dr. Mabuse, a new psychological thriller featuring Dark Shadows alums Jerry Lacy (Rev. Trask), Lara Parker (Angelique), and Kathryn Leigh Scott (Maggie Evans).

On Sunday, April 28, a Dark Shadows Luncheon was held at the Coronado Island Marriott Resort. Guests included the actors mentioned above as well as Christopher Pennock (Jeb Hawkes). David presented a special performance for the event, including songs related to Dark Shadows, and he was joined by James Storm (Gerard Stiles) and Chip Selby, David's wife. Read David's comments prior to the event on the blog.

Photos from the event are posted in the Photo Gallery.


Collinsport Historical Society Podcast

David was interviewed for the Presidents' Day edition of The Collinsport Historical Society podcast. He talks at length about his various performances as Abraham Lincoln over the years.

Collinsport Historical Society Podcast