2013 Thanksgiving Message

This is so late!!!  To one and all – a happy Thanksgiving. It is a wonderful holiday, and there is so much to be thankful for. Sorry this is so short, but promise to write pages and pages of thoughts, plans, Dark S. updates, books ,film, and reflections on how much you all have meant to me….if anyone reads this. I have been blessed. We all have our frustrations with the little agitations of life…like Washington, DC. politics. Did like what the Pope had to say yesterday. Like him. … Again, my love to all and will be better about writing.


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Dark Shadows Island Weekend

As has been reported on David’s web site and through various Dark Shadows outlets, the Dark Shadows Festival will hold its Dark Shadows Island Weekend in Coronado, California on April 27-28, 2013. Events on April 27 focus on the premiere of Dr. Mabuse at the Coronado Village Theatre. David will join the festivities on April 28 at the Coronado Island Marriott Resort.

Among the events scheduled for Sunday, April 28, is a performance by David Selby accompanied by James Storm (Gerard Stiles). David and Jim have been working hard over the past few weeks to put together something memorable for Dark Shadows fans. The show will be comprised of approximately twelve songs, and will last around 90 minutes to an hour.

Here is what David has to say about the songs:

They are personal songs written as a thank-you to the fans and as an homage to Dark Shadows and the fans. . . . The show is for them because they have been there all the way, while many joined in later, but all are so appreciated.

To register for the Dark Shadows Island Weekend, please consult the event flyer or the Dark Shadows Festival web site. Please note that schedules are approximate and may be adjusted during the event as necessary.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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A Mountaintop Experience

Without love there is no life,
like an actor without a role.
A good play, like love, thrills and moves with
the intense clarity, lightness, and inspiring awe
of a mountaintop experience.
It is a pilgrimage, fielded with greens,
ripe berries, and clear water, out of
the avenue of self to a place of unity,
where ego is sacrificed for relationship,
where the funniest, even the strangest things
seem to be happening, a place even where
there are no words,
only a depth of solitude.
That moment for actor and audience
is forever theirs.
Feeling safe and secure in this
enchanted secret garden, they know
what they want, understand that in
each other you are one, grounded,
most centered, at peace, at home-
not settling down, but seeking life,
building a place together, not enclosing,
rather a refuge, where you can
touch, and hold, and know
each other – even when apart.
Theatre’s light of love has reached out,
touching, bringing audience and actor
within its warm glow,
renewing their faith and confidence
in a future, providing hope for their
frustrations, doubts, and despairs.
The darkness of the soul, stilled
by the theatre’s light of love.

Thank you for taking me to the mountaintop.
Thank you for your gift of love.

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