December 2012

That dark night, my head on my pillow
My eyes closed, I saw the light of Christmas.
It was as when I was a child –
When the world was mine.
It was the same light in those children’s eyes,
So knowing and bright.
May their light lead us back
And warm our hearts
With good tidings and great joy
On cold, rainy, rosy cheek, winter nights
When we gather for another sleigh ride
Over the fields of life
Singing the first Noel and peace on earth.
May we ever hear, ever see, and ever feel
Those children’s light
To remind us of the child within
Who is always there.

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Thanksgiving 2012

To one and all,

A happy Thanksgiving.

My love,


….though it is about over!!!

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Comments on Hurricane Sandy

Hello everyone,

The pictures of the devastating storm are hard to believe. The loss of life and property is hard to see and read about. But the efforts of the people, the state and local governments, the federal government — have been wonderful to see. People pulling together to get through this.

My love, thoughts, and prayers are with all. People coming together shows that we can work together, we can make this a better place. The whole of humanity is dependent on each of us. There have been super human efforts to survive the storm. Unfortunately, some people were lost. It reminds us of how fragile life is.

Bless you all. I want to reach out and hug all.


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