Back from China

It’s hard to believe that we are just about halfway through the year.

I’m behind on everything, but that seems to be the program. It seems that I just wrote a note for the site. I do want to say hello and join everyone in trying to make things a little greener. We are getting rid of our SUV–finally –like a lot of other people. We need to invest big in alternative energies. We need to listen to what other countries are saying. We need stem cell research. China is moving ahead as is South Korea where a major discovery was just announced.

Time flies by. Have been busy with a couple of films, finishing a book and rewriting for the nth time a play. We just got back from a rather wonderful trip to China. It is with good reason that the news coverage of China has been so extensive. I now have a much better understanding and appreciation of the country. We visited seven or eight cities, took a three-day river cruise, and finally got the hang of chopsticks. It seems as though all of China is under construction. I encourage all to visit if the opportunity arises. It is a fascinating country and is moving ahead at a breakneck pace. The people are hard working, charming, and eager to help and the women are all beautiful.

Take care,