Can’t believe that Spring is around the bend . . . groundhog or not . . .

The world, while getting smaller every day, still seems topsy-turvy with man’s inhumanity to man (and woman) flourishing. Bono has brought attention to many issues, and Bill Gates and his wife have brought concern and money to help address these issues and many others. They, among others including yourselves, are to be thanked because, while each can make a difference, it is, we know, only all of us acting in concert that will enable us to make this world a better place.

Some days, it is hard to escape bad news. At times, I turn off the news, but we like to know what’s going on, need to know what’s going on so that we are aware of the issues, and, if we care enough about certain things, then we can try to do something about the things we care about. I guess the morning paper got to me.

Anyway, I wish you all well, and may, as the old saying goes, the wind be at your back and the sun light your path. If any of you are in New York this summer and have some free time, stop in and say hello.