2010/2011 Holiday Message

To all who tune into this address beautifully landscaped by Brigid, if you have any ideas you wish to discuss, send them along.

In these trying times for so many, may they get their act together in Washington — stop the you said this and I said that — and get something done that moves this country forward, that helps our children get the educations they need for these times and tomorrow’s times. Hats off to Bill Gates and his wife (so well-spoken and sharp she is) for putting the resources behind an educational effort to put America back together. A standing ovation to all like Warren Buffet, who is helping to persuade those on the high end to give more of their money away, and to so many we don’t read about in every community across this country who help out however they can.

May the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell finally bite the dust. It should have never seen the light of day. Is this a country of freedom or not? Are these soldiers not willing to lay down their lives for us. How can we deny them this basic freedom? To be who and what they are — Americans!

Most days I drive by fields of workers picking the food that all of us eat, harvesting the grapes for the good wine that I drink. Do I close my eyes to this? Does God? Now, I’m not going out in the sun drenched fields to pick and harvest nor are my African-American friends (being put back in the field brings back some painful times. Don’t we know that slavery was outlawed?). I love to garden. The treadmill and gardening are for my body and head. Over my years in California, I have required the expertise of Armondo and Enrique. Dear Esperanza made my family’s life so much pleasanter. We, as sponsors, celebrated her becoming a citizen — all should have the right to work towards becoming citizens.

We must give them have the respect, the dignity, they deserve — “judge not for thou shall be judged” — give them the health care they deserve. (Our three children have had to find and pay for their own insurance — it is the way for so many in this country. I was blessed to have my family coved by Screen Actors Guild. I admit I took it for granted. I’ve seen my children and friends struggle for something I accepted as a given.) We must find a way to provide the education not only for those workers’ (who plant and pick, and weed and water, and harvest our food and drink) children, but for all children, an education they all deserve. We need a Marshall Plan for education for all with freedom intact. Yes, those who don’t respect the laws, like everyone, must be dealt with.

What is the problem with people finding someone they love — it is a miracle when two people find each other — and wanting to “tie the knot?” And, if two people happen to be of the same sex — we should bless these bonds of love, not make them feel as “others.” What are we afraid of? Marriage is only for a man and woman so they can procreate? When I got married, it was all a mystery to me anyway. I think of my high school friend, Donna, who was pregnant, but refused to get married. “I don’t need a man to raise my child!” The pressure was such that Donna, in the midst of her ninth month, relented and married. Not sure how long it lasted. So a man and man, a woman and woman can’t procreate. So what? They can adopt. If they can afford it, they can find surrogates. Is marriage not a celebration of intimacy, of a close union?

May all have a joyful and wonderful holiday season. And may the new year move us closer to being a truly free America.


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