2012/2013 Holiday Message

It is so hard to cope with what happened in the latest tragedy. If mine and your pain is such that the tears seem to flow at any moment, that your heart has been gutted, wrung out — it is hard to contemplate the pain of those parents, and friends, those sisters and brothers, of any who lost a loved one.

We all need to reflect on what kind of a country we want (how many times!!). This country cannot continue as it has . . . .

May America be a country that those children and teachers deserved to have and may it be one that will serve their memory well. They must not have died in vain for their innocence. Those faces and minds and spirits were the best of America. May we all take time to look at each other, to hug and tell each other of our love.

Blessings to all on this holiday and may it be a truly new year for this country.

My love,

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