2013/2014 Holiday Message

Want to wish all a great new year and that you will have the health insurance you need!!

I keep reading on this cloudless California day how the country is falling behind in health care, education, even broadband…though the internet was America’s gift to the world. Mix in immigration reform, global warming (climate change)…the oceans are rising, racial problems (still!), poverty (still!), homeless, mental issues (not just with Congress!) with no one to treat them…as the country’s descent into never-never land continues….

But the wine is good and love and kindness abound…

Thank you for your friendship. Your practicalness, your very realness and rational selves are not taken lightly or for granted….

Drink a toast this new year to friends we are, and friends we will be. The community is a very special and caring one. ¬†Still — Wouldn’t you love to be a dictator for a couple of months.


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