Earl Hamner

Michael Learned and David Selby in "The Romance"

Michael Learned and David Selby in “The Romance,” an episode of The Waltons.

It never occurred to me that I would not see Earl again. We had talked on the phone a few times recently. He had not been well, but his voice was strong and warm. Earl Hamner, a dear and good man, friend, and, oh, a wonderful writer and storyteller, passed away last week. It was my good fortune to know Earl for over 40 years. There had seemed to be an instant connection… he was from the mountains of Virginia and I was born across the line in West Virginia. That connection and resulting friendship held steadfast for all these years. One day, Earl commenting on our mutual long marriages, his to the lovely Jane and mine to the equally lovely, Chip, he said “we both got lucky.” Indeed we did. It was my luck to have Earl in my life. It is hard to have him gone….there are no words… Like all who knew Earl….he will be missed.

Webmaster’s Note: Earl Hamner passed away on Thursday, March 24, 2016. Among his many credits, he was the creator, executive producer, and narrator of The Waltons as well as the creator and executive producer of Falcon Crest. David first worked with Earl Hamner as a guest star in an episode of The Waltons. He joined the cast of Falcon Crest as Richard Channing during the series’ second season and remained with the show until its end.

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