Update from David

To all….

Have been remiss in not writing to again thank all of you for being with me through the years. It has meant so much, and I have been remiss in not telling you this enough, but perhaps you know.

Have a new book out and a couple of films coming…. so I feel blessed. I always go back to my start in the theater where I first started to play a young Abe Lincoln and now all these years later, I am going to read a new Lincoln play that has been written for me. The reading will be at Ford’s Theatre where we hope to do a full production.

Dark Shadows came early on in my New York days and it is still with me. And, I trust, so are many of you. What a trip we have had. That you have stayed the course means a great deal to me, and I just wanted to let you know that I think about all the people, like you, that I have met because of Dark Shadows. So, let’s keep going and doing together!

My love,


David’s new novel is A Casualty of Indifference. Click the title or the cover image for more information.
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