Denise Nickerson

I loved Denise…. soooo sweet and kind. She most always had a smile. At the studio, she would greet me with a hug. She was my first “daughter.”

After not seeing each other for several years….. a young woman came up to me in front of Universal in L.A.


I turned to look at this young woman standing before me.

“It’s Denise,” she said to me.

“Oh…… Denise?”

I was rather surprised, to say the least, by the young woman standing before me.


We hugged. It was as if there had been no time since we had last seen each other on the Dark Shadows set on W. 53rd street in NYC. Again we hugged and then talked for a bit. It was impossible to catch up with all the time since we had last seen each other, but what was not impossible was to recapture the feeling we had for each other…. like a father and daughter who made each other smile and laugh.

I love you, Denise. I always have.


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